from the editor...

“Have you lost 

       your mind?” 


That was the response I gave my dear husband when he quite seriously asked me if I wanted to move to Italy for a couple of years. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Italy and the carefree spirit it embodies...and the food...and the wine...and the art. It is an amazing country that we’ve spent many vacations enjoying. But always after a week or two, I am perfectly content to crawl into my own bed right here in Toombs County. This moving thing was a stretch for me.

Marrying a “renaissance” man comes with a price, and that price means you may never know what adventure you will end up on. When the opportunity arose for us to spend a couple of years working with the USDA to help feed the world...we just had to take it. After God continually opened doors in that direction, it became quite clear this was meant to be. So, yes, I ate my words and started packing.

Many of you have asked what will happen to the magazine. I guess you could say we are expanding internationally. I will continue to work on TCM from our “Rome office” while TCM’s new Director of Marketing and Media Relations Ann Owens will be my connection to everything that’s happening here. (Makes us sound fancy, huh?) Each issue will continue to offer exceptional stories, pictures and advertising opportunities. We even have a new website that will be updated regularly with more fun information about life in Toombs County. We have ideas, lots of ideas, so stay tuned to see what’s next!

For this issue, we have more incredible stories about men and women making a difference in our community with their words, actions and creativity. Many of these stories highlight people who became successful at things they did not realize they were gifted to do until they were willing to take a risk and step out in faith. I am also thrilled to share stories of strong female role models that set great examples of leadership (Rizza O’Connor, p. 48); courage (Elizabeth Harvill, p. 36); business success (Jesslyn Johnson, p. 70); encouragement (Meredith Raiford, p. 84); hope (Celester Bacon, 

p. 106) and joy (Ella Neavins, p. 24). 

It may sound cliché, but life truly is a journey. It’s one that we cannot travel standing still. My advice is this: be willing to take risks, to chase some dreams, and to write your own story even if you have to go to Italy to do it.




Stephanie Williams

Executive Editor

June / 2018