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Born in the tiny town of Covena, Georgia, Kerry Phillips got his first taste of creating music in high school when his teacher, Bill Locklear, gave him a bass guitar and taught him how to play it.  Locklear couldn't have had a clue what kind of an impact his gift had on not only Kerry but his future audience, friends, band members - because now he is a crazy talented and skilled artist and he's taking his passion to new levels.

He spent his earlier years doing everything from running a satellite mail route, to selling men's suits and cars but he never stopped honing his music skills.  He began playing in the band Greenhouse and then Dirty Uncle Bob (DUB) with a group of close friends.  When some of the DUB band members moved away, Kerry joined The Bank Walkers and has also recently picked up a spot with Special Guest who played at The Onion Festival this year.  If there's a spot for Kerry to play, you better believe that he will play.

One of the many interesting things about him, besides his love for animals and how good he looks in a sombrero, is that he not only enjoys playing the bass but he is a master at promoting bands, organizing musical events, and running sound.  Using all of these talents, he was an integral part in the success and one of the biggest supporters of the musical scene at The PAL Theatre while under the ownership of Ann & Karl Owens. Personally, I contribute the increasing growth of bands in our area largely to his promotions.

Currently, Kerry's day job is as an agricultural inspector for Georgia FSIS but he has also recently fulfilled a dream to start his own business - Phillips Event Management - after beginning to manage the local band Indulgence in 2017.  Not to stop there, Kerry has recently began handling marketing and musical management for Elements and runs sound for the River of Life church in Lyons.   He has also been on the Onion Festival Committee for the last several years organizing and managing the concerts.

Obviously, this guy loves music and all it entails.  He believes in promoting local bands, he believes in bringing the love of his art into our community, and we are really lucky to have him as one of our own.  A person that will put their money where their mouth is when it comes to investing in the arts is a rarity, indeed.  

Kerry has been married to Opeal, who works in freight and logistics for Generation Farms, for 6 years and they have several children of the 4-legged variety. 

Happy 40th Birthday to a very cool dude.  Thank you for everything you do and may you forever rock on!